How Will the New Budget Deal Fix the Potential Social Security Disability Problems?

On November 2nd, President Obama signed a two-year budget agreement that contained crucial changes to the Social Security Disability Insurance Program.

Trustees of the SSDI Program report that it is facing an urgent threat due to depletion. When the program first started, it contained roughly $150 billion. Sources state that this budget would run out by the end of 2016. Unfortunately, this would mean that beneficiaries could potentially see a near 20% reduction in benefits. However, these losses may be averted due to the new budget deal.

To ensure Social Security Disability beneficiaries are still able to live comfortably, the new budget plan will perform in the following manners:

  • It will shift more money from the Social Security retirement program into the disability program
  • For the first three years, .57% will be extracted from the 12.4% payroll tax

Analysts state these changes will allow the budget to run efficiently up to 2022.

Other Changes that Will Be Rolling Out

Since 1984, the number of disabled people receiving disability benefits increased from roughly four million to nearly 11 million as of last year. As a solution, the bill will include the following changes:

  • Expanded use of investigation to ensure those filing for disability are actually in need of such funds
  • Increased penalties for those committing fraud
  • Requirements for medical reviews before persons can receive benefits

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