Can A Person Who Works from Home File for Workers’ Compensation?

n today’s day and age and with the abundance of technologies that are now available, individuals possess the ability to do everything from the comfort of their own home, including working. In fact, a study published by Gallup, an American research-based and global performance management consulting company, found that 37% of Americans work from home occasionally, if not more.

While this can benefit employers for several reasons, such as saving the company the expenses for electricity, utilities, lease payments, and more, it can problematize the decision of whether or not a person working from home can file for workers’ compensation if they sustain injuries while on the job.

Recent reports show that in some instances, certain claims have be ruled compensable. Because states define a Workers’ Compensation claims as ones that “must arise out of and occur within the course of employment,” the place, time, and condition of the accident or injury can all be used to prove “the course of employment” was at home or in any other area where the person was working.

Injured on the Job? Our Virginia Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Can Help

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