Can You Work While Receiving SSD Benefits?

Posted on January 08 2016 by Agnew & Rosenberger, PLLC

Wondering if it is possible to work while receiving Social Security benefits? Typically, it isn’t possible to participate in “substantial gainful activity” (meaning that you’re making more than $1,130 per month) and continue to receive benefits, but as with most rules, there are exceptions.

SSDI recipients may be able to participate in a nine-month trial work period to test their ability to work, during which it is possible to make more than the SGA amount without losing valuable benefits. For 2016, the Social Security Administration will consider any month in which an individual had earned more than $810 a trial work month. If you are self-employed, the requirement is 80 hours of work or more. If you lose your job during this period, benefits will not be affected.

After completing the trial program, individuals can still collect SSDI benefits for months falling below the $1,130 threshold for a period of 36 months (called the “extended period of eligibility”).

Keep in mind that recipients of both SSDI and SSI must report the following information to the Social Security Administration:

  • The beginning and end dates for any job
  • Any changes in duty, hours worked, or pay scale
  • Any work-related expenses as part of your disability
  • Amount of monthly earnings

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